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The Astor County Championship

The Competition Details

The Astor County Championship Challenge Cup and the County Challenge Tankards were provided from the fund given in 1904 by the Viscount Astor, to assist in the formation and development of Civilian Rifle Clubs. Any club affiliated to the NRA is entitled to enter as many teams as they wish consisting of a Captain/Coach and six firers. Each team must include not more than two class X firers and not less than two Class O or T firers and all must be bona fide members of the club.

Each County will arrange a first stage competition to select the Club team to go forward to the national final. Winners of the first stage will receive their county's County Challenge Tankard and, if there have been more than four entries, a set of seven bronze medals. The second placed club team will also receive seven bronze medals, if there have been more than ten entries in the county. The course of fire is 2 sighters and 7 to count at 300, 500 & 600 yards.

The County winner will be entitled to shoot in the final held at Bisley usually during the Imperial Meeting. If they are unable to attend then the next team in order of merit shall be eligible to take part. If no County competition has been held then the County Rifle Association may nominate a Club to represent the County. The final is shot over the same course of fire as the heats.

The Nottinghamshire Astor County Heat 2016

The Astor County Heat was shot on May 21st at Beckingham range. The shoot was hosted by Notts and Derbys Vintage Arms Society (NADVAS) and 2 teams took part, NADVAS and Langar RC.

Langar won with a score of 562.34 (max 630) despite one competitor suffering from equipment failure and having to shoot with a borrowed rifle. The top shot was RSF Shouler with 102.9

Langar RC will go forward to shoot in the final at Bisley during The Imperial Meeting in July.

The team scores were as follows:—

LANGAR RC    300 yds    500 yds    600 yds        Total
SD Shouler34.0331.0035.04100.07
JC Jobling32.0233.0431.0196.07
D May32.0332.0129.0193.05
D Woodward27.0132.0126.0085.02
RSF Shouler35.0435.0332.02102.09
Mrs M Woodward23.0132.0231.0186.04
A McBain33.0333.0131.0197.05
D Johnson32.0330.0230.0292.07
A Turton23.0227.0026.0276.04
A Fuller27.0231.0129.0087.03
I Johnson32.0129.0128.0089.02
Mrs P Johnson32.0032.0231.0395.05
The NADVAS team
The Langar RC team
Notts RA Vice-President R Barker presents the Astor Challenge Cup to Langar RC Captain SD Shouler