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2018 Shooting Calendar

This Calendar has been prepared from information available at the time and whilst every care has been taken in its compilation we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. If any mistakes or omissions are noted, or you would like us to include your event with an entry form, please contact us via this link.


MarNotts RA SB league entries for Summer 2018 due early March
Mar 19Notts RA SB leagues winter 2017/18 final round ends
Mar 24-25MLAGB OTF Open Rifle/Pistol Competition, Wedgnock
AprilNotts RA Lightweight Sports Rifle league entries for summer season due mid-April
Apr 6MLAGB, Long Range Rifles Branch Asquith (Enfield) Cup, 600 & 800 yards, Bisley
Apr 7MLAGB, National 300 yard free and Enfield Rifle Championships, Bisley
Apr 8NRA Derby Rifle Association Challenge Match, Imperial Qualifier for TR and F Class, Thorpe Cloud range
Apr 8MLAGB, Long Range Rifles Branch 600 yard Volunteer Trophy, Bisley
Apr 14Ibis Rifle Club TR & F-TR Open Meeting at Bisley at 300, 500, 600, 1000 and 1100 yards
Download entry form by clicking here — entries close 31st March 2018.
Apr 14Purples FB Matches at Bisley for Teams of 4 and 8 at 300, 500 and 600 yards.
Apr 15Gloucestershire and Hereford & Worcester Open Meeting, "The Three Counties Cobweb Buster", 2 & 10 at 300, 600, 900 & 1000 yards.
Entry forms on NRA website or click here for a copy
Apr 18Notts RA Annual General Meeting
Apr 22Notts RA Lightweight Sports Rifle leagues Autumn/Winter 2017/18 final round closes
Apr 28-29MLAGB, Pistolfest and Schutzenfest, Wedgnock
Apr 28-29Army Target Shooting Association, Open Meeting for Repeating Pistols, Melville Range, Bisley
Click here to download further information
MayNotts RA Summer Postal leagues start early May
May 12Derbyshire Rifle Association, Range Wardens Shield, club teams of three, open rifle, F Class and TR, Thorpe Cloud range
May 12-13Langar Rifle Club Open Meeting, Bisley,
Saturday am Queen's I, Saturday pm Queen's III, Sunday am Queen's II
Wide selection of prizes. Entry cost excluding ammunition: £69. Entries close Monday 30th April.
Please enter via the Shooting Competitions website by clicking here.
May 12-13The Northern Shooting Show, Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate
May 12-13MLAGB, Entente Cordiale Meeting, near Marseille, France
May 18MLAGB National 200 yard Free & Enfield Rifle Championship, Bisley
May 19MLAGB Long Range Rifles Branch, 900 yard Championships (am), 1000 yard Free Rifle Practice (pm), Bisley
May 20MLAGB National 200 yard Free & Enfield Rifle Championship, Bisley
May 25-27Phoenix Meeting Bisley
May 26-28Thorpe Cloud range maintenance party
May 31Notts RA Light weight Sport Rifle summer leagues entries close today, round 1 closing date July 2nd
Jun 1-3NSRA British International 50m Rifle Championship, at Lord Roberts Range, Bisley
Jun 2-3MRA Birmingham Bisley Meeting at Kingsbury range, Hereford and Worcester RA, 300, 500 & 600 yards both days, plus final of The Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Cup at 600 yards on the Sunday.
Click here for a downloadable entry form — entries close May 19th
Jun 9-10MLAGB, Long Range Rifles Branch, 1000 yard Championships, and National 600 yard Free & Enfield Rifle Championship, Bisley
Jun 12-Jul 28National RA 149th Imperial Meeting, Bisley
Jun 12-Jul 1National RA 149th Imperial Meeting, Bisley, Service Rifle competitions
Jun 15-17Notts RA Black Powder Open County Championship at Thorpe Cloud range, Derbyshire
Jun 16-17Inter-counties FB Meeting at Bisley (R Jarvis Trophy, Lt Col H Jones VC Memorial Trophy, Clive Amstein Trophy)
The East Midlands heat of the King George V Cup may be shot concurrently with this meeting
Jun 24SB Mercia Match, host county Nottinghamshire,
Conditions 20 shots at 25yd, 50yd and 100yd for county teams, county ladies teams and county juniors teams
from Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Rutland, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire and Nottinghamshire.
This year's venue is Staveley range.
Jun 30Derbyshire Rifle Association Long Range .22RF Open Shoot, Thorpe Cloud range
Jun 30-Jul 6NSRA Scottish Championships, at Lauder, Scotland
Jul 4-8National RA 149th Imperial Meeting, Civilian Service Rifle
Jul 13-19National RA 149th Imperial Meeting, Match Rifle Events
Jul 16-19National RA 149th Imperial Meeting, Inter Schools Cadet Rifle Meeting including the Ashburton Shield Match
Jul 18-21National RA 149th Imperial Meeting, Gallery Rifle and Pistol Events
Jul 19King George V competition final at Bisley for teams of 8, 2+10 at 300, 500 and 600 yards.
Jul 20-24National RA 149th Imperial Meeting, F Class Rifle Events
Jul 20-28National RA 149th Imperial Meeting, FB TR at Bisley, Grand Aggregate and HM the Queen's Prize
Jul 21-22Surrey Branch MLAGB, Repeating Pistol Meeting, Cheylesmore Range B, Bisley
Click here to download information and entry form — entries close 30th June.
Jul 24NRA County Short and Long matches at Bisley
County Short for teams of 8, 1 + 10 at 300 and 600 yards
County Long for teams of 6, 1+10 at 900 and 1000 yards.
Aug 4MLAGB National 900 & 1000 yard Free Rifle Championship, Bisley
Aug 5MLAGB, Long Range Rifles Branch, 1100 & 1200 yard Metford Trophy, Bisley
Aug 11-190NSRA National Rifle Meeting, Bisley
Aug 25-27Thorpe Cloud maintenance party
Aug 25-26National Gallery RIfle Championships, Bisley
SeptNotts RA SB and Lightweight Sports Rifle leaque entries for Winter season due mid-September
Sept 9Surrey Branch, MLAGB, Repeating Pistol Meeting, Cheylesmore Range B, Bisley
Click here to download information and entry form — entries close 31st August.
Sept 15-16MLAGB Short Range Championships / English Pistol Championships, Wedgnock
Sept 30Derbyshire Rifle Association Turbutt Long Range .22RF Open Shoot, Thorpe Cloud range
Oct 2Notts RA Light weight Sport Rifle summer leagues final round ends
Oct 3Notts RA Club Conference, Wednesday, 3rd October 2018 for all affiliated clubs
Click here for full details.
Oct 13-14MLABG, OTF Open Rifle/Pistol Competition, Wedgnock
Oct 20-21National RA, Trafalgar Meeting 2018, Bisley
Oct 26-27MLAGB, Long Range Rifles Branch, 300 & 500 yd practice and 600yd Whitworth/Rigby Cup & Annual Dinner, Bisley
NovNotts RA SB Winter 2018-19 Postal leagues start early November
Nov 10National RA Armistice Centenary Commemoration Match, Bisley
Nov 17-18MLAGB OTF Open Rifle/Pistol Competition, Wedgnock