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2022 Shooting Calendar

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Apr 02Notts RAYeaveley
Speed Steel Experience & Practical Shooting Introduction Event
Download event poster from here
Apr 03NRABisleySmallbore Long Range Match 2022
Apr 10NEW
Thorpe CloudNRA Derbyshire Challenge 2022 (TR & F Class)
Details and entry form download from here
Closing date April 8th
Apr 13NRABisleyIbis Open Meeting
Apr 16Notts RAEpperstoneBlack Powder Experience for Notts RA Affiliated Clubs' members with FACs.
Apr 23-24MLAGBWedgnockSchutzenfest(2 days)
Apr 24NRABisleyPurples Match
May 08Notts RAPostal leaguesNotts RA SB Summer Leagues start early May, SBTR, LSR, Pistol, Gallery, Bench
May 21Derbys.RAThorpe CloudNotts/Derbys Challenge Match
The Merritt Shield and Cup
Details and entry form download from here
Closing date April 30th
May 21-22NRABisleyEnglish Twenty Spring Meeting (2 days)
May 26-29NRABisley25th Phoenix Meeting (4 days)
Jun 04-05NRAKingsburyMRA Birmingham Bisley (2 days)
Closing date 14th May 2022
Jun 11-12NRABisleyInter Counties (2 days)
Jun 17-19Notts RAThorpe CloudNotts RA Black Powder Open Meeting (3 days)
Closing date 31st May 2022
Jun 29-
Jul 03
NRABisleyCSR Imperial (5 days)
Jul 02-03MLAGBWedgnockBlack Powder Open Meeting Pistol(2 days)
Jul 06-10NRABisleyF Class Imperial Meeting (5 days)
Jul 08-14NRABisleyMatch Rifle Imperial Meeting (7 days)
Jul 09-10NSRASywellNLRTSA "Midland Bisley" Meeting (2 days)
Jul 11-14NRABisleySchools Imperial Meeting(4 days)
Jul 13-17NRABisleyGallery Rifle & Pistol Imperial Meeting (5 days)
Jul 14-22NRABisleyTarget Rifle Imperial Meeting (9 days)
Jul 15NRABisleyAstor County Championship
Round one 2022 concludes
Jul 18-19NRABisley300m Championships (2 days)
Aug 06MLAGBWedgnockNational Cannon Championships
Aug 08-11NSRABisleyNSRA Junior International Meeting (4 days)
Aug 12-19NSRABisleyNSRA National Championship Meeting (8 days)
Aug 24-28NRAJerseyJersey RA Summer Prize Meeting (5 days)
Sep 03-04NRABisleyGallery Rifle National Open Championship (2 days)
Sep 04NSRASywellNLRTSA September Open Meeting
Sep 17-18MLAGBWedgnockShort Range Championships (2 days)
Sep 30Notts RAPostal leaguesNotts RA SB Winter Leagues entries close
end September, SBTR, LSR, Pistol, Gallery, Bench
Oct 01NRABisleyHistoric SR Match
Oct 08-09MLAGBWedgnockOTF Open Pistol Meeting(2 days)
Oct 08-09MLAGBWedgnockOTF Open Rifle Meeting(2 days)
Oct 08-09NRABisleyEuropean TR Long Range Championship (2 days)
Oct 15-16NRABisleyTrafalgar Meeting (2 days)
Oct 22-23NRABisleyAutumn Action Weekend (2 days)
Oct 30NSRASywellNLRTSA Halloween Shoot Open Meeting
Nov 08Notts RAPostal leaguesNotts RA SB Winter Leagues start
early November, SBTR, LSR, Pistol, Gallery, Bench
Nov 19-20MLAGBWedgnockOTF Open Pistol Meeting(2 days)
Nov 19-20MLAGBWedgnockOTF Open Rifle Meeting(2 days)

Calendar version 01/03/2022

This Calendar has been prepared from information available at the time and whilst every care has been taken in its compilation we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies. If any mistakes or omissions are noted, or you would like us to include your event with an entry form,
please send us an email via this link.