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Lightweight Sport Rifle and Bench Rest Competitions
Summer 2018

LSR Benchrest

The Summer 2018 season of lightweight sport rifle shooting has now concluded and we are able to congratulate the winners of the various competitions held.

The five competitions offered were:–

  1. LSR Semi-Auto Prone Unsupported
  2. LSR Standing Unsupported
  3. LSR Mixed Prone and Standing Unsupported
  4. LSR Benchrest
  5. Bolt Action Benchrest

Entries were received from 25 shooters representing 4 clubs.
The competitions and the number of entries are shown below.

1.  LSR Semi-Auto Prone Unsupported  7
2.LSR Standing Unsupported12
4.LSR Benchrest5
5.Bolt Action Rifles Benchrest9

With 12 shooters in the LSR Standing Unsupported, this competition was split into two divisions.

All competitions were closely fought and several ties on points had to be resolved by count back on aggregate scores. In Semi-Auto Prone, I. Reeves counted out M. Woodward. In Standing Div. 1, I. Reeves had a clear win; but in Div. 2, M. Poole counted out R. Halam. The LWSR Benchrest was won by A. Cotter. The LWSR Benchrest was very close as R. Robbins counted out J. Martin.

Our congratulations go to the winners in each of the competitions, who were:–

A full breakdown of the scores can be read here.

If you would like to take part in future LSR league competitions, or would like more information about them, please email Maxine Woodward, via this email link. We welcome entries from any Notts. RA affiliated club. The more competitors there are the more challenging the shooting.


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