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The Eighth Annual Prize Meeting 1868

The 1868 Nottinghamshire Rifle Association Prize Meeting was held on Tuesday, June 16th, and continued on the Wednesday, 17th. Reports appeared in the Nottinghamshire Guardian covering both days of the Meeting and in two editions of the Nottingham and Midland Counties Daily Express (on 17th and 20th) covering only the first day. The Guardian report is presented here.

The Meeting attracted 72 competitors; but the newspaper noted that, whereas the Robin Hood Rifles were well represented, other companies of volunteers in the county were not, and worried that the Notts. R.A. competition was losing support. The weather on both days of shooting was very good with little wind.

Shooting was at the Town Butts which were situated between the allotments known as the Hungerhill Gardens to the west and Coppice New Road (now called Ransome Road) to the east. The range ran northwards parallel to the road and had probably five lanes at the most.

The first day's shooting was at 200, 500 and 600 yards, 5 shots at each range, 200 yards was fired from the standing position only; but kneeling was permitted as an alternative at 500 and 600 yards. Prizes were awarded for each range and for the aggregate of the scores. Entrance cost 2s. 6d. per range. £25 was distributed in 11 prizes for each range and £15 for the 6 highest scores in the aggregate for which there appears not to have been an entrance fee. These comprised competitions A, B, C and D.

The report of the second day is a little unclear as to what was actually shot. Competition E was for the Association medal open to all who had paid their subscriptions to the Association and is stated as being at 200 and 500 yards only. However later on in the report it is said to have been shot at three ranges (200, 500 & 600 yards). The scores listed are for the National Rifle Association bronze medal and an entry to the Wimbledon Meeting. This could have been competition F. There is a further competition G mentioned shot at only 500 and 600 yards; but no details of scores are listed except for the prize winners.

Nottinghamshire Guardian, Friday, June 19th, 1868


The eighth annual prize meeting of the Nottinghamshire Rifle Association was commenced on Tuesday at the Nottingham Butts, when the weather being fine, and the wind calm, there was some good shooting. The muster of competitors from the different corps in the county was not so large as last year. The Robin Hoods were well and efficiently represented. Colonel Wright of the R.H.R. was present, but there were no officers from the county in attendance. We trust, however, that the interest which has hitherto been felt in the Association by the county Riflemen is not at all on the wane, and that next year may see more of them present, as many as any previous year has yet done. The prizes competed for on Tuesday are as follows:-
A. £25 for Enfields. Entrance, 2s. 6d. Range, 200 yards, 5 shots. Standing: First prize, £5; second, £4 ; third, £3; fourth, £3 ; fifth, £2; sixth, £2, seventh, £2; eighth, £1; ninth, £1; tenth, £1; eleventh, £1.
B. £25 for Enfields. Entrance, 2s. 6d. Range, 500 yards, 5 shots. Kneeling or standing : First prize, £5; second, £4; third, £3; fourth, £3 ; fifth, £2; sixth, £2; seventh, £2 ; eighth, £1; nineth, £1; tenth. £1; eleventh, £1.
C. £25 for Enfields. Entrance, 2s. 6d. Range, 600 yard, 5 shots. Kneeling or standing: First prize, £5; second. £4; third, £3; fourth, £3; fifth, £2; sixth, £2; seventh, £2; eighth, £1; ninth, £1; tenth, £1; eleventh £1.
D. £15 for the six highest aggregate scores in A, B and C. : First prize, £4 ; second, £3 ; third, £3; fourth, £2; fifth, £2 ; sixth, £1; and for yesterday and Wednesday,
E. £20. Association. For Enfields. No entrance. Ranges 200 and 500 yards, 5 shots each. At 200 yards standing. At 500 yards kneeling or standing. First prize,£5; second, £4; third, £3; fourth £2 ; fifth, £2;sixth, £1; seventh, £1; eighth, £1; ninth, £1. Open to members who have paid their subscriptions for the present year.
The following is a return of the shooting, together with the list of the winners:-

There followed a list of all 72 competitors and their detailed shot-by-shot scores at 200 yds., 500 yds., 600 yds. and their Grand Total. Next were listed the winners of the prizes as follows:-


Cumberland. Col-Sergt, 10th R H R17
Shepperley, Pvt., 1st R H R16
Brown, Sergt, 7th R H R16
Carder, Corpl, 9th R H R16
Duckett, Corpl, 4th R H R16
Hadden, Capt, 6th R H R16
Jackson, Sergt, 6th R H R16
Shepperd, Sergt, 3rd Notts16
Webster GD, Pvt, 5th R H R16
Guyler, Sergt, 4th Notts15
Bloom T, Col-Sergt, 8th R H R15

B - 500 YARDS

Hadden. Capt. 5th R H R19
Pratt, Capt. 9th R H R18
Cumberland, Col-Sergt, 10th R H R17
Bertie, Corporal, 8th R H R17
Kerry. Corpl, 8th R H R16
Toplis, Sergt. 8th R H R16
Webster, Pvt 5th R H R16
Lambert, Pvt. 5th R H R15
Mallett T, Pvt. 9th R H R15
Cuckson, Sergt, 9th R H R15
Widnall, Pvt, 6th Notts15

C. - 600 YARDS.

Milnes Private, 1st R H R18
Dracott, Corporal, 1st R H R15
Lambert T, Private, 1st R H R15
Sheppard, Sergeant, 3rd Notts15
Hadden, Captain, 5th R H R14
Wright, Surgeon, 5th R H R14
Bealby, Private, 6th Notts14
Davies, Private. R H R14
Webster, Private, R H R13
Coupe, Private, R H R12
Widnall, Private, 6th Notts.11


Hadden, Captain, R H R49
Milnes, Private, R H R47
Shepperd, Sergeant, 3rd Notts.45
Webster, Private, R H R45
Lambert T, Private, R H R44
Dracott, Private, R H R44

The shooting was continued on Wednesday at the Town Butts. The weather was again beautifully fine. In three rounds at 200, 500, and 600 yards Captain F. J. Hadden scored 43 points. and became the winner of the bronze medal and £5, offered for competition by the National Rifle Association. The victory entitles the captain to go to the Wimbledon meeting: should he be prevented, the stipulations confer the privilege on the next highest scorer. The following is a return of yesterday's shooting, with the names of the competitors:-

Hadden, Capt JT, RHR 22322 11 33444 18 43430 14 43
Lambert, Pvt T,5th RHR 33333 15 22333 13 02423 11 39
Milnes, Pvt JT, 1st RHR 23423 11 44040 12 3r333 12 38
Webster, Pvt GD, 9th RHR 33324 15 23333 14 02403 9 35
Bloom, Co-Ser T, 8th RHR 43432 16 42403 13 00242 8 37
Toplis, Sergt J, 8th RHR 22223 11 34333 16 03033 9 36
Carder, Pvt G, 9th RHR 33334 16 30233 11 30330 9 36
Mallet, Pvt R, 6th RHR 23423 14 24333 15 20320 7 36
Coupe, Pvt R, 9th RHR 32224 13 33230 11 32033 11 35
Guyler, Sergt, 4th Notts 33232 13 03224 11 32032 10 34
Pratt, Capt N, 9th RHR 42323 14 r4332 12 33020 13 33
Shepperley, Pvt J, 1st RHR 43322 14 00024 6 00032 5 32
Cumberland, C-S J, 10th RHR 33333 15 32242 13 00202 4 32
Cuckson, Sergt EA, 9th RHR 24243 15 32242 13 00202 4 32
Dracott, Corp E, 2nd RHR 42322 13 23400 9 02223 9 31
Davis, Pvt H, 3rd RHR 32333 14 22430 11 02004 6 31
Duckitt, Corpl H, 4th RHR 23224 13 23200 7 20400 6 26
Wright, Sergt T, RHR 22322 11 04332 12 00200 2 25
Bertie, Corpl J,8th RHR 32323 13 40032 9 00200 2 24
Sheppard, Sergt, 3rd Notts 23323 13 02200 4 00030 3 20


Hadden , Capt JT, RHR 11 18 14 43

The first prize (£5) in section E, distance 200, 500, and 600 yards, 5 shots each, was won by Colour-Sergt. Cumberland, No. 10 Company, making 32 points; the second, £4, by Private Coles, No. 1 Company, 30; and the third, £3, by Sergeant Toplis, No. 8, 30. The fourth was won by Private T. Lambert, the fifth by Lieutenant Hunt, the sixth by Captain Evans, the seventh by Corp. Dracott, the eighth by Captain Lambert (No 5), and the ninth by Captain Hadden.

The first prize, in section G, distance 500 and 600 yards, five shots each, was won by Sergeant Aves, 4th Notts.. making 30 points; the second by Corp. Carder, No. 9 Company, 28; the third by Private T. Lambert, No. 5, 28; the fourth by Captain Lambert, 26. The other prizes were won by Private T. N. Coles, Private Shepperley, Corp. Dracott, Corp. Bryan, and Corporal Duckett.

Transcript from the Nottinghamshire Guardian 19 June 1868
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